• Art party
    Art party

    Art Classes for Art party

    Art Birth Day Party for kids age 4.5- 16 yo

    Make your child’s birthday party special, creative and fun with art!

    Program 1:
    Drawing & painting
    • 2-hours, $60 for per kid,  At least 10 kids
    I piece of acrylic painting on canvas for every kid.
    All materials provided for the activities.
    Painting themes:
    • Dress-up your Favorite animal for party
    • Paint a uniron climbing a rainbow
    • Paint your beloved teddy or doll
    • paint a rainbow bird
    • Paint a mermaid
    • Paint a head & a hat
    • Paint your Favorite pizza. (5$ Extra for round canvas)
    • Paint the stunning view of my art studio, (Fresh air art painting)
    Program 2:
    Craft making
    • 2-hours, $70 per kid, At least 10 kids
    All materials provided for the activities.
    Craft programs:
    • Paint a rainbow vase.
    • Paint and decorate a jewellery box.
    • Create a Halloween mask
    • Paint a face on cooking board
    • Painting on your shirts.
    The venue:
    My Venue is a beautiful, cosy and homestyle art studio, with indoor, outdoor and undercover outdoor spaces. Kids love the beautiful wooden cottage in the yard, which is perfect for decoration, and inspiring for pretending games.(The photos of the venue are attached. You are welcome for an inspection and face-face discussion.)
    There is an undercover outdoor area available for parents if they want to stay in the venue during the party.
    The day and time availability:
    • Weekends, Saturday
                                 School terms 2:00- 6:00 pm.
                                 School holidays 10:00- 6:00
                                Sundays, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.
    • Art theme decoration. (BYO customized decoration)
    • Photo frame
    • The wooden cottage for decoration, pretending games and photography.
    BYO party cake and paper plates, napkins, table covers and a lighter for the cake (come in 30 minutes early to set up the party table).
    • Greeting and invitation cards are available for your gusts.
    • One assistant for every 5 kids is available
    Please reply to this email and include below information if you are interested to go with our art program.
    _Your kid’s DOB
    _The number of the gust
    _your favorite theme.
    Regards, Angel
    Fereshteh Pezeshki
    A qualified and experienced artist and art teacher.